Hail Damage Downers Grove

Each year, hail causes damage to properties throughout the United States. Though proper prior preparation might help if you live in an area prone to hailstorms, you can still expect to suffer some degree of damage. Roof storm damage repair forms the bulk of roofing repair requests, underscoring how frequent this problem is. The roof plays a critical structural and protective road, and you must give it the immediate attention it deserves after every storm.

Functional vs. cosmetic damage

Hail damage is classified into two broad categories- cosmetic and functional.

Cosmetic damage is superficial. It affects the aesthetic of the roof, but neither affects the longevity or functionality of the roof.

Functional damage is more severe and affects the structure of the roof. It lowers the integrity and lifespan of the roof. In addition, heavy hail can make the roof unsafe, necessitating immediate repair or replacement.

Assessing the Damage

You are unlikely to appreciate the extent of the damage from the ground fully. However, some telling signs indicate how extensive the destruction is. Check your interiors first. If the storm was heavy enough to cause a leak, water damage is likely to start showing. Check if the skylights are still intact.

Before contacting your storm damage contractor in Downers Grove, examine the gutters and downspouts. Impact damage seen on these parts will be suggestive of damage significant enough to require professional assessment.

Look at the siding of your entire home to evaluate the need for siding storm damage repair. In addition, check with window sills and exposed surfaces like fascias for any signs of damage. Outside fixtures, such as air conditioners, decks, and painted surfaces, round off the final places to look at.

Professional Inspection

Following the self-assessment, contact a roofing company for a free consultation. They will readily send over someone to inspect the damage and offer a detailed report. Their expertise will allow them to point out impairments that are not apparent.

At this time, you should contact your insurance provider. Your home insurance policy will likely cover hail damage. Commercial property owners in Downers Grove, IL, commercial storm damage repair are covered under their general liability policy. The insurance company will send over an agent for evaluation. Their purpose is to distinguish between cosmetic and functional damage. Specific clauses in their policy may prevent them from paying out for the former. By involving a roofing company in the process, you ensure that the insurance company does not downplay the storm’s aftermath or underpay for repairs. The roofers will gladly take over the claim and save you a lot of hassle and headache. If they establish a need for a new roof, they will convince the insurance company on your behalf. You can involve your public adjuster to get a genuinely non-biased opinion of the work required.

Refrain from personally trying to fix the roof after storm damage in Downers Grove, IL, as it might void your policy. Instead, working with a roofer is recommended as they carry liability insurance and will provide a warranty for their work.

Get different estimates from different contractors to get a picture of how much it will cost to repair or replace the roof and the required time investment.

Hail Damage Downers Grove

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